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What is The Buyers Guild?

The Buyers Guild is a group of people purchasing products together to get the stuff we need at a discounted price.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, my family came together to make bulk purchases of our most needed items. During 2020 - 2021 I watched the supply of common items dwindle as the prices climbed. I noticed that although I could not find a bottle of lavender essential oil anywhere, I could find gallons or barrels from my business suppliers. As the pandemic wears on, I want to help others get hard to find items at reasonable prices. This means coming together to purchase larger volumes at lower prices.

The Buyers Guild is not a retailer or wholesaler. The Buyers Guild provides a service connecting people to make group purchases, and facilitating the transactions.


How it works:

  1. Members decide what product they would like to buy in bulk via the online forum. (Like vanilla, nutmeg or canning lids.)

  2. The Buyers Guild researches the product and finds a supplier with quality products.

  3. Once a supplier is secured, orders open to members based on shares. For example: 8 oz of vanilla beans costs $160. A share would be considered 1 oz. Members can then purchase 1/2, whole or multiple shares of 1 oz. Prices are sometimes based on the anticipated order volume; the more we buy, the cheaper the price.

  4. There is no up-charge on products purchased through The Buyers Guild. We only add the cost of tax, packaging, and shipping to our location into share price when applicable. We do not make a profit off group purchases. Our services are paid for by your generous membership.

  5. Minimum Orders- Some shares are subject to minimum orders. In most cases a minimum order will need to be placed for us to move forward with the purchase. If the minimum order is not reached, a refund will be issued, and we will have to try purchasing that item again later. For example: Vanilla beans have a minimum order of 16 oz. (1 lb) for the group to purchase at a discounted rate. The group purchases 1 oz shares, but only 10 oz are sold. This means the purchase will be canceled and the money refunded.

  6. Once the order is closed to members, the bulk order will be placed with the supplier. This means you are paying upfront for your purchase. The guild does not purchase products before they are sold as shares.

  7. When the order arrives, it is processed in our dedicated business space/kitchen, NOT in our home. Safe handling practices are followed while we separate food items according to the orders placed.

  8. Orders are ready for distribution. Orders can be picked up in Watertown, or are shipped.

  9. Everyone gets the quality products they want at great prices! The more the group buys the cheaper the price!