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About Us


Down Home Traditions was started as a test project in the spring of 2010 when we took another look at traditional pickle and jelly recipes and gave them our unique spin to sell at local farmers markets. The concept was to pickle a variety of vegetables and to make a variety of savory jellies not offered by other vendors. The result was our customers repeatedly telling us how much they love our products.  Over the years we have added a variety of products including spice rubs, dried goods, gluten-free baked goods, crafts, soaps and more. After several changes to the cottage law these products, formerly sold as Free's Bakery, will be back soon as Down Home Pantry products!


Down Home Traditions has been focused on making quality, handmade soaps and spa products for several years.  In 2020, we took the opportunity to begin re-formulating our products to eliminate the use palm oil due to its environmental and human impact. We look forward to releasing our new line of re-formulated soaps in 2022!

We believe in employing people, not machinery. Not only are all our soaps handmade, but are packaged by hand in Eco-friendly packaging. For safety reasons we sometimes use recyclable plastics to package products such as diaper cream. However, we mostly use reusable, and/or recyclable packaging on our products. We are currently researching other affordable, Eco-friendly packaging. Moving forward we strive to be a low/zero waste company with Eco-friendly packaging while reducing our impact on the environment and promoting humanity. We reuse all our soap trimmings, re-batch not-so-perfect batches, and donate heavily to charities and outreach programs.

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