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Soaps You Can Love

Why can you love our soaps? Our soaps are made with natural ingredients with no artificial or added coloring. We strive to produce high quality soaps that are good for you, the environment, and humanity. Most soap bases are made from blends of non-GMO olive, organic non-GMO coconut oil, sustainable non-GMO palm oil with mango and kokum butters. (Click to Learn More) We do not use ingredients found on California Proposition 65 list (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986) such as certain mica powders and synthetics. All the coloring in our soaps are from the natural process of soap making, ancient pigments, or other natural additives. We like to make soaps with a fragrance that cannot be replicated naturally, such as lilac. These soaps are customer favorites that contain some synthetic fragrances and near-natural colors. Please check soap descriptions for more information on ingredients used, or click here for our ingredient FAQs page. This year we hope to grow, forage, and locally source most of our botanical additives.

We believe in employing people, not machinery. Not only are all our soaps handmade, but are packaged by hand in Eco-friendly packaging. For safety reasons we sometimes use recyclable plastics to package products such as diaper cream. However, we mostly use reusable, and/or recyclable packaging on our products. We are currently researching other affordable, Eco-friendly packaging. Moving forward we strive to be a low/zero waste company with Eco-friendly packaging while reducing our impact on the environment and promoting humanity. We reuse all our soap trimmings, re-batch not-so-perfect batches, and donate heavily to charities and outreach programs.

You can also find our soaps at:

530 40th ave NE, Columbia Heights, MN


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